Today is the website launch!

Here’s the scoop:

I’m finishing up adding a few bases and panels this morning as well as updating some photos.

At 12pm EST I will remove the password restriction block on the checkout page. Once that happens, you are free to purchase anything available on the website.

Know that the website looks fancy, but it is still a work in progress. I will be fixing things as I go.

Any orders placed will have a 12-16 week turn-around. That means the will arrive before Christmas. If you order Halloween items I will bump them enough to receive by Halloween. But how much before depends on my next point.

Currently I’m actually running behind, about a month behind actually. BUT once I get through this current Batch (E) than my batch size shrinks and I should be able to catch up or at least not fall behind more. When I put certain things into effect, like spacing out how much I work on per week, it tends to have a 3 month or so delay before the change takes effect. So that’s where the issue is. I miss-estimated Batch E and the extra time needed for other items and things that got pushed from previous batches (like custom designs with proof approval not received or needing additional edits or remakes lost by the post office or new templates that don’t work the first try, etc etc). I’m trying to get all of those out before I start Batch F so that and onward can get done more smoothly.

So, what this means is the website is getting launched now, order away! But understand that my turn-around will be long. I’m limiting my sales this weekend, so that password screen may pop back up at any time. I will then close again and work through these “easier” batches for a bit in hopes to catch back up. When I open again however, it will be for after Christmas delivery dates. Orders will have a break and resume on January 1st 2021. This is so I can still offer the made to order designs but also create more ready to ship items for faster shipping during the holiday season. This seems crazy, but this will help immensely taking action on it now, rather than just “hoping” I can get everything done. It’s important to remember that I do not ONLY do collars. I have an entire other website I also make all the items for and those sales also pick up around Christmas.

Don’t want to wait? Don’t! Saturday, August 28th at 12pm EST starts a HUGE ready to ship sale. These items are available for shipping within a week. I won’t be doing another ready to ship sale for a bit after this, so I went big so I can take a step back and work on orders longer after. This sale will be advertised in my group with the details in the “Whippet Goods” sale group on Facebook. But all items will be listed on a Ready to Ship page as well.

I try for maximum transparency so hope that helps! More updates are posted to the Squeaky Egg Collars group!

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