Video Game Special Collection

Limited Release Special!

This is Week 2 of the Video Game Multi-Part Release 

Health Hearts — Minecraft — Pikmin — Game Over

Color combos will be as shown with The collar sets will allow a choice of padding color and they all will allow a choice in hardware. Some sets allow a change of leather color. All sets can be ordered as MTO and get a custom base with the easy order style panels. 

The designs are all available as Wide or Narrow and panel only can also be ordered. 

Designs will switch next Thursday/Friday and these designs will become unavailable. 

These designs are subject to normal Turn-around which is 4-6 weeks as of the release. This timeframe may change and the most up to date turn-around is located on the cart page or on the home page. 

Easy Order Options

Easy Order Narrow Options

Easy Order Wide Options

Panel Only

Made to Order Sets

NOTE: Made to Order Collar Sets above do require you to select a panel size. PM or Email me to find out your size if you want to use one of these options to order. 
Also, please note that Wide Panels must be ordered with a Wide Base and Narrow Panels with a Narrow Base. The Made to Order listing will not correct you if there is a mismatch so please select carefully. “S” panels are Narrow and “P” panels are wide. Choosing the wrong options may create a delay in your order and a difference in price may be owed.