Turn-Around Times

Current Turn-Around time is: 6 to 8 weeks.

Normal turn-around is 4-6 weeks but this is temporarily longer due to upcoming travel.

Here at Squeaky Egg we have a different way of determining and explaining Turn-Around Estimates as well as updates. Our turn-arounds can get quite long but we believe in as much visibility as possible to what is being worked on.

First, turn-arounds are just estimates, but we try really hard to keep them as accurate as possible. These estimates are posted and updated often to try and keep them accurate. If I get a large rush of orders or a large bulk order these may change suddenly.

Once you place an order, you’ll get sorted into a “Batch” all Batches have a letter. For example, Batch F or Batch M or Batch P. I complete Batches in Alphabetical order but will often be working on multiple batches at once. One batch may be in prep, one may be cutting, one may be almost shipped. I aim to complete all Batches in no more than 2-4 weeks from starting. Turnarounds posted take that into account and so your scheduled start date will be around the lower number on the turn-around and the higher number is the 2-4 week buffer time to get all orders out. Quicker items, or items my workers can do without me often ship sooner than items that require extra steps.

Once you are sorted into a Batch and once the Batch is full, I will send out an email to let you know what Batch you are in. Depending on my current workload I may send the email the same day as your order, or as long as a month out. This is because I prefer to check accuracy and send emails all at once. If you are curious about your Batch ID before you get the email or want to double check or change what email will receive the Batch ID updates, send me a message or email me at Squeakyeggcollars@gmail.com. I typically know what Batch you are in for a while before I send emails or may know 1 of 2 batches you’ll end up in.

So you know your Batch ID, what next? Join the Squeaky Egg Collars Facebook group and that is where I post all the updates! I post weekly “General Updates” that go through all current items and give short updates. I try to include everything including stragglers and estimated start dates for those not quite in progress yet. You can find all the general updates using the group tags function or searching. Eventually I will also post the general updates to the website.

Batches are generally expected to take 2-4 weeks from start to finish and I typically will start one batch each week so as many as 4 will often be running simultaneously. I can occasionally finish some faster and some will take longer. I keep a close count of this weekly schedule even if it’s not as visible. I work off a calendar I update based on original turnaround estimates, so I may say I am running late on my schedule, this doesn’t mean your order will be outside turnaround. We’ve been getting much better about turnarounds recently, and have dropped the amount of orders in each batch to give us more flexibility.

With the lower amount of orders per batch, we are now able to be more flexible on Ready to Ship items and what we call Quick Ship items. These are now able to be done with no affect on turn-arounds as we schedule them in as we have time. Quick ship items have their own quoted turn-around times and are often much faster to ship. I will release them for limited time frames and limited specifications. By doing so I can get them done much quicker. These orders will not be scheduled into batches and general updates will list them separately.

If an order has to be put on hold or is awaiting additional info or other special circumstance. Those orders will be moved into “Straggler orders” and will be completed as time allows. Curtsey exchanges, repairs, collars won in contests, etc will often be put into the “Straggler Orders”.

Custom orders are collars or panels with completely unique design requests. Customs are given a batch estimate, but due to creativity constraints have been moved outside the batches and are referred to as Customs during general updates. These take more time and back and forth and for the time being. Customs are closed. Once all customs have been completed in my queue, I will consider offering them on limited basis.

Any questions can be sent to SqueakyEggCollars@gmail.com.

Last updated on November 5th, 2022.