Turn-Around Times

Here at Squeaky Egg we have a different way of determining and explaining Turn-Around Estimates as well as updates. Our turn-arounds can get quite long but we believe in as much visibility as possible to what is being worked on.

First, turn-arounds are just estimates, but we try really hard to keep them as accurate as possible. These estimates are posted and updated often to try and keep them accurate. If I get a large rush of orders or a large bulk order these may change suddenly.

Once you place an order, you’ll get sorted into a “Batch” all Batches have a letter. For example, Batch F or Batch M or Batch P. I complete Batches in Alphabetical order with one Batch finishing fully before I move to the next Batch. If an order has to be put on hold or is awaiting additional info or other special circumstance. Those orders will be notified and moved into “Straggler orders” and will be completed as time allows. Curtsey exchanges, repairs, collars won in contests, etc will often be put into the “Straggler Orders”.

Once you are sorted into a Batch and once the Batch is full, I will send out an email to let you know what Batch you are in. Depending on my Turn-around or my current workload I may send the email the same day as your order, or as long as a month out. This is because I prefer to check accuracy and send emails all at once. If you are curious about your Batch ID before you get the email or want to double check or change what email will receive the Batch ID updates, send me a message or email me at Squeakyeggcollars@gmail.com. I typically know what Batch you are in for a while before I send emails or may know 1 of 2 batches you’ll end up in.

So you know your Batch ID, what next? Join the Squeaky Egg Collars Facebook group and that is where I post all the updates! I will start Batch Work in Progress threads where I’ll comment under the photo with previews of panels and other related info that I don’t consider an applicable general update. Sometimes these work in progress posts are not posted for a bit and then I update a bunch at once. This is just because I get busy working on the orders. But I try to make sure all panels get posted on those threads eventually.

Batches are generally expected to take 1 week from start to finish. I can occasionally finish some faster and some will take longer. But my aim is an average of a week. I keep a close count of this even if it’s not as visible. I work off a calendar I update regularly but is often more optimistic so I don’t publish it visibly. It’s also good to remember I’m very optimistic on what I can get done, and that’s not always how life plays out. So in general, batches take 1 week but expect to add a couple weeks of buffer if you are counting batches in front of yours.

Currently we are running roughly on time to our Batch schedule. I am finding that I am starting the Batches on time or sometimes even early. But shipping the last of everything is taking around an extra week. I have an assistant who helps with the panels so there is some overlap where he is working on panels while I’m finishing the bases and packing to ship. So one batch has the panels being worked on and the previous batch is still working on getting shipped. I try not to print shipping labels too early but it can often take 1-4 days to actually drop the finished orders off. Especially if I notice a mistake when I think the order is ready to ship that day.

So! (TLDR) You will receive a general estimate at checkout, then a Batch ID with a more precise estimated timeframe. Updates to what Batch I’m working on are in the Facebook group. Any questions can be sent to SqueakyEggCollars@gmail.com.