All purchases at Squeaky Egg Collars or Squeaky Egg Shop are FINAL. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges. If there is a possible defect or mistake in your order, please email or message us to discuss it. If your order is in progress and you need to make a change, message or email to discuss it if is possible. There is no cancellation due to anything but the most extreme circumstances. (the pet in question passing away is a circumstance I will work with you. Financial instability is not, especially with the current instability with COVID-19.) Turn-arounds are not guaranteed and are not a reason we will refund.

By agreeing to our terms you accept that you understand that Squeaky Egg Bases are only to be used with Squeaky Egg Panels. And Squeaky Egg Panels and only to be used with Squeaky Egg Bases. They are not to be used with work from other makers. They are not to be resold for a profit. Secondhand sales are allowed as long as purchases are transparent. Wholesale sales MUST be discussed with in writing. Failure to follow rules will end up in a ban of purchasing Squeaky Egg products.

Turn-Around estimates are estimates and not guarantees. All products are handmade and life happens. Please expect some flex in estimates. Updates on currently in progress orders can be found on the Squeaky Egg Collars Facebook Group. If you need an item by a certain time and it looks like updated estimates may go past that. Please contact us ASAP so we can make sure your item arrives in time. We can’t promise it will, but the sooner we know, the more likely we can make it happen.


Squeaky Egg collars are primarily for decorative use. While the bases are crafted of strong materials and with the utmost care. They are not meant for extreme use, heavy pullers, or heavy daily wear. Dogs who scratch and rub collars may increase the speed of wear.

Do not use Squeaky Egg Collars with a tie-out.

Customers who use our products are personally responsible for determining the suitability of all products purchased from Squeaky Egg Collars. By purchasing, you acknowledge that, in no event, shall Squeaky Egg Collars be liable to you or any other party for incidental, punitive, or consequential damages. It is the responsibility of the owner to comply with local safety standards with regards to caring of pets, etc. We will not be liable for any loss or damage or any of our products to pets or humans.

As the consumer, you are personally responsible for determining the suitability of all products purchased from Squeaky Egg Collars. You acknowledge that you are responsible for all items and should inspect them for safety on a regular basis. Damaged collars and/or leashes should not be used. Due to the interchangeable concept, rivets holding the panels can work loose and be ingested causing harm. Please check rivets often and remove collars to check for wear or loose screws.

Panels can be attached semi permanently by using regular school glue in the rivets. This can reduce the likelihood of screws coming loose.

Rivets can be made permanent by using lock-tight. This should also be used on the off chance any permanent (base) screw rivets should come loose.

We do not recommend leather for use with water sports but it can be done. Water use will increase the speed of wear on the collar but with proper care can be used. We recommend to heavily condition all leather, especially edges, to reduce the wear water will put on the collars. Panels can be removed to condition easier. Leather can stretch while wet especially if tugged on while soaked. Injuries (such as scratching) to the collar surface will be more dramatic while wet than while dry.

Condition Collars and Panels often to increase life. Any non darkening leather conditioner can be used on all leather areas (including glitter areas). do not condition painted portions of collars.

Painted portions of collars are more sensitive to wear and use and should be cared for more carefully.

All Squeaky Egg Collars are cut by laser! This is different than typically leather working as the edges are burned and not cut. You will get a more perfect finished edge, however the edges are cut at 90* angle and then burnished to round it. These make finished edges that may be less rounded than typical leather work but are very consistent. The edges are much less likely to fray but are more prone to drying and cracking. Conditioning will improve the collar. When in doubt condition it!

Your receipt of payment for these goods is proof that you have read, understood and agreed to our liability policy.