Themed Mystery Box – Celtic Knot


Neck Size *

For Buckle Collars, please measure the dog’s neck where you’d like it to sit. For Martingales or any Slip leash style options, please include the smallest neck size behind the ears and the largest size around the head.

Type of Collar *

Regular Mystery Boxes only include one type of collar but you may chose multiple and I will chose one of the options. Note, more expensive bases may mean less expensive or complicated panels.

Hardware Preference *

This will be the hardware for the panels and the base(s). Check all that you are ok with, leave unchecked any that you do not want used on this box. If you have no preference at all, please check the “Any Hardware” box.

Collar Width *

This is the wide section of the collar (All collars are reduced at the buckle/loop, you can request that in the next section) Check any width that would work for this box, do not check any width you do not want used. “Any Width” Will mean anything from 1in to 2.5in.

Reduce Size *

This is the size for the Buckle or the martingale loop. Please note that items like French Martingales will reduce to 3/4in. Please choose what you would like to see in the box. Select “No Preference” If you prefer not to choose.

Leather Colors *

This is the Leather Color Options and types for both base and panels. Please check what you are ok with being used and don’t check what you would prefer I did not use.

Padding *

Would you like padding or not? No Preference will be makers choice and gives me the option of some with padding and some without.

Additional Notes on the Theme *

The theme for this box is already chosen, however if you have any special requests, let me know! If you have any questions, please PM or email.

Panel Size(s)

If you already have a panel or panels that you would like me to match, enter them below. This box will only have ONE panel size, leaving multiple sizes just lets me know what sizes you already have. NOTE if the neck size doesn’t work with the panel size or sizes listed, I reserve the right to change the panel size for the best fit. Leave blank if you don’t have a panel size to match or type “See previous orders” if you’d like me to look up your size(s).