The Radiance – Specialty Easy Order – PANEL ONLY


Only 1 left in stock

Color Scheme *

See main Radiance Sale page for each of the color combos labeled, the description also lists each of the color combos and stone colors.

Hardware for Oval Stone *

Silver oval rimsets (The metal piece around the oval stone) are the only one I currently have in stock. It is POSSIBLE but not guaranteed that I will have the additional oval rimsets types in stock by the time I reach these orders in my queue. I have outlined a few options for hardware. You can mix hardware or not using the options.
NOTE: the point of the additional options is to make it so I don’t have to email or guess your preference. If you choose to wait on the hardware, the wait could be quite a while. 6 months or more is possible. I will send updates on the status of these periodically. We recommend just ordering silver if you don’t want to wait.

Hardware For Studs and Stones *

Panel only options can choose hardware. Oval Stones hardware is chosen separately.

Panel Size *

You must know your panel size to get this Easy Order. Please PM me or email if you don’t know your panel size or have not received your collar yet.
The price of your panel is the “Subtotal” Price below once you click your panel size.