The Mingo – Easy Order #1



Hardware *

Base Hardware can be chosen for this Easy Order

Switch to French Martingale

This Easy order is for a Buckle collar by default. If you would like to upgrade it to French Martingale, you can choose that. A French martingale is a one piece leash and collar combo, also referred to as a slip lead. Use the same measurement options as for the buckle collar above, but instead of the hole spacing, the span will be the smallest neck size and the head size. The smallest measurement should be smaller than your dog’s smallest size on their neck (behind the ears) and the largest size should be the head size so it easily comes off at that measurement. If you are unsure what to chose, PM or email me the smallest neck and head measurements and I’ll advise what to pick. The french martingale option may be turned off early due to time constraints. Leash length is from closed martingale to beginning of handle.

Wide Panel Sizes *

Narrow Panels are 6S-18S Wide Panels are 6P – 18P. Select “Not Sure (Check previous orders)” if you have an order on file you would like me to match but don’t know the size. Select “TBD (Size not assigned yet)” If this is your first order OR if this panel size does not need to match a previous order. If you would like this panel to match a specific collar and have multiple collars in this order or previously, please include a note so I know which to match this to.