The Broken Glass Cutout Panel


Neck Size *

This option is for pricing only, please select the correct range for accurate pricing. This range will NOT be the range the collar will fit. Use the Neck Size to input the neck size and the collar will be built off that number.

Wide or Narrow Panel *

Choose if the panel will be a wide or Narrow

Top Leather *

The top piece of cutout panels must be thinner than a normal panel and so is limited to what is have in stock in thinner leather. Some leather can be split on request if you would like a specific color not listed. Color blends cannot take glitter and will instead be a darker version of the color.

Cutout Leather Color *

This is the leather color that will show through the cutout holes. Most are the same leathers that are available as padding colors.

Panel Size *

Narrow Panels are 6S-18S Wide Panels are 6P – 18P. Select “Not Sure (Check previous orders)” if you have an order on file you would like me to match but don’t know the size. Select “TBD (Size not assigned yet)” If this is your first order OR if this panel size does not need to match a previous order. If you would like this panel to match a specific collar and have multiple collars in this order or previously, please include a note so I know which to match this to.