The Ancient Panel


Glitter Color *

Choose your glitter color for the etched section of the design. Colors are limited but most colors can be done. Once available you can browse our glitter color options. (Coming soon) Up to 3 colors can be requested depending on the design. Rainbow Ombre is also available.

Neck Size *

This option is for pricing only, please select the correct range for accurate pricing. This range will NOT be the range the collar will fit. Use the Neck Size to input the neck size and the collar will be built off that number.

Stud Hardware *

This option is for the pyramid studs in the design which are the squares and rectangles.

Stone Hardware *

This is the hardware that holds just the stones. You can match it to the studs or change it up .

Stone Color *

You may select color schemes like “purples” or select a specific color or colors like “Tanzanite” or “Tanzanite and Purple Velvet” or request a single color like “Light Blue” and we will pick a stone color we think matches. You may request color ranges and Please use as much or as little detail as you would like and I will pick what I consider the best choices for your request. If you are particular on colors, please message me to get some color choice feedback. You may request “Surprise Me” for the colors but no changes can be made if the colors aren’t to your preference so we recommend listing a general color scheme.

Collar Panel Leather *

Choose the color of the Leather Panel. All regular Leathers can be etched and glitter inlayed, some take the glitter better than others.
Pigmented Leather have a more plasticky feel but are easy clean and durable, they should not be submerged in water and don’t need to be conditioned. Splashed with water or rain won’t affect it.
All leather edges will be finished black due to the cutting process and some may have additional dye or edge paint for consistency.
To see examples of some leather colors click here. There is also an album of swatch colors on the Facebook Group.
Stained examples coming soon.
Mystery color is now available for those who would prefer I chose the color for them.
Natural tan leathers cannot be glittered but will instead the lines will be darker brown linework.

Wide Panel Sizes *

Narrow Panels are 6S-18S Wide Panels are 6P – 18P. Select “Not Sure (Check previous orders)” if you have an order on file you would like me to match but don’t know the size. Select “TBD (Size not assigned yet)” If this is your first order OR if this panel size does not need to match a previous order. If you would like this panel to match a specific collar and have multiple collars in this order or previously, please include a note so I know which to match this to.