Racing Slip Base – Wide


Neck Size *

This is for pricing only

Hardware *

Neck Measurement *

Actual Neck Measurement. Measure the smallest part of the neck, behind the ears and the widest part of the head.

Leash Length *

Leash Lengths are measured from the martingale collar closed to the base of the handle. Leather will wear in over time for a softer leash. Conditioner will soften it quicker. Leashes are hand cut and beveled so it has a different edge type vs the base pieces with are laser cut.


The racing slip leash/collar combo has a lobster claw clasp with locking mechanism. This is for fast on and off of the leash even if dogs have larger heads of are wearing muzzles. Most commonly used in Straight Racing, it also works great for FAST CAT and Lure Coursing. The Clasp itself adds about 2 extra inches so panel sizes MIGHT not be interchangeable with existing buckle/martingale collars of the same neck size. But with some heads up before ordering or ordering all at once. They can be made to interchange between the styles. Leashes are 3/4in wide. This is a set width at this time.

Wide Bases leash/collar combo bases are 2in reduced to 3/4in wide. Wide base with a border is 2.25in. Wide base with padding is 2.25in. Wide base with a border and padding in 2.5in wide.

Collar Section Leather *

This is the color of the collar section. Not all collar section colors can match the colors available in leashes. Mix and matching colors is available.

Leash Section *

Flat leather is plain straps of leather beveled edges and conditioned. Braided is bullhide leather and is naturally soft. Limited colors available. More will be added. Stock of flat leather sections may run out of may be only available in limited sizes.

Switch Base Rivets to Chicago Screws

Base rivets can be switched to glued Chicago Screws on request. This is for the base only and does not effect the removable screws for the panel. Rivets by default will be double cap style and set by a press. If you are not familiar with the difference, leave this option unchecked.