Buckle Base – Narrow


Neck Size *

This is the neck size measurement for your collar. The first number should be your ideal fit and the measurement you get with a tape measure wrapped snug around your dog’s neck where you want the collar to sit. The range in parenthesis is the additional hole span. It ranges 1 inch below and 2 inches above your dog’s neck size. This 3 inch span is like the typical Ready to Ship collars. If you would like less holes or less tail. You may request it in the notes. For sizes above or below the listed sizes, chose the closest measurement and include the correct neck size in the notes.

Buckle Size

Default is 3/4in Buckles for Narrow Bases. You may change to a different size buckle here.

Hardware *


Narrow Bases are 1.25in wide reduced to 3/4in by default. Narrow base with a border is 1.5in. Narrow base with padding is 1.5in. Narrow base with a border and padding in 1.75in wide.

Collar Base Leather *

This is the color of the collar section. Padding is added separately. The mystery option is now available for those not sure about the best option, I will pick the leather color for you.

Switch Base Rivets to Chicago Screws

Base rivets can be switched to glued Chicago Screws on request. This is for the base only and does not effect the removable screws for the panel. Rivets by default will be double cap style and set by a press. If you are not familiar with the difference, leave this option unchecked.