Monthly Mystery Panel Deal – Narrow Panels – Upfront Payment

From: $0.00 / month for 6 months and a $470.00 sign-up fee


Panel Size *

If unsure, you can message me for help picking or chose unsure. NOTE: This subscription is ONE PANEL SIZE ONLY. No switching panel sizes midway.

Color Theme *

Please type you color theme in the box. Each month all the designs chosen will be the same (Narrow and Wide will be different but similar). So I will use this color theme to pick your stones, glitter, etc. You may chose a primary color and list options I can choose from (Like: Primarily Purple with White or Pink), or a color family (Like: Blues), or types of stones (Like: Colorshift stones OR Electric stones). Try to avoid being overly specific to a certain color because that will limit my ability to make all your panels slightly different in color scheme. Leather color will also be picked based on your color(s) chosen but may change month to month. (So if you pick Green I may chose black, browns, zucchini, or lime leathers based on the design and what I’ve done for you already)

Hardware *

Choose the Hardware you are ok with having on your panels. If you want mixing of metals on the same panel, choose the ones listed together. If you want only one hardware per panel chose the singly listed hardware. Most panels will be done with only one hardware but occasionally some look good with multiple (an example is the Starry Night). If you ONLY want mixed hardware, don’t select the singly listed options.


If you are matching an existing or in progress base, let me know here. If you have any questions, please message me to clarify instead of putting them here.

Monthly Agreement *

By clicking this box I am agreeing that I understand that the first panel for this subscription will not ship until Mid June and I will receive 1 panel per month for a total of 6 months which will mean 6 total panels. This subscription will run from June until November and cannot be cancelled. Panel size cannot be changed. If there is extenuating circumstances, please email: Any future subscriptions will need to be purchased separately.