Martingale Base – Wide


Hardware *

Neck Size *

This is for pricing only. For Martingales this is the halfway point between the smallest neck size and the largest head size, or the regular measurement of the neck.

Neck Measurement *

Actual Neck Measurement. Measure the smallest part of the neck, behind the ears and the widest part of the head.

Loop Type *

Wide is 2in reduced to 1in loop by default. Narrow is 1.25in reduced to 3/4in loop.


Wide Bases are 2in wide reduced to 1in by default.  Wide bases can be reduced to 3/4in on request. Wide base with a border is 2.25in. Wide base with padding is 2.25in. Wide base with a border and padding in 2.5in wide.

Collar Base Leather *

This is the color of the collar section. Padding is added separately. The mystery option is now available for those not sure about the best option, I will pick the leather color for you.

Switch Base Rivets to Chicago Screws

Base rivets can be switched to glued Chicago Screws on request. This is for the base only and does not effect the removable screws for the panel. Rivets by default will be double cap style and set by a press. If you are not familiar with the difference, leave this option unchecked.