Quick Order Collection - R/B/G Specialty Leather

Quick Order special collection! Order between October 14th and October 17th, 2022 and get these collar set or panel with shorter shipping. 2-4 Week Turnaround. Once this collection ends, this specialty leather will not continue to be available for orders. 

Color combo will be as shown. Specialty R/G/B leather panel and black leather base, your choice hardware. The collar sets will allow a choice of padding color. Stones are different for each design and include Vitrail medium, Rainbow dark, NEW Fern Green Verde, and Blue Zircon Frost. Frost and Verde stones are exclusive to Squeaky Egg. 

The design is available as Wide or Narrow and panel only can be ordered. Wide will be 2.25in or 2.5in wide and Narrow will be 1.5in or 1.75in depending on the set chosen. Design may vary based on neck size. Only buckle collars are available for this Quick Order. 

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