Monthly Mystery Panel Deal

How to order:

Below are the 4 options for the Monthly Panel Subscriptions. Chose your panel width, Wide or Narrow, and how you plan to pay, Upfront or Monthly. Note that the Monthly subscriptions are more expensive overall as the Upfront has an additional discount. Otherwise, both types are identical. 

Panels will start shipping in December and ship once a month for 6 months. December through May. The Monthly payment subscription will start charging immediately and continue for 6 months. 

NOTE: The monthly subscription payments are collected manually and may not charge on exactly the same day each time. No payments will be collected early however, only on time or slightly delayed. 

To order a starting Base to deliver with your first month’s panel. Add the Base only to your cart with your subscription and then use code “AddABase6” to get a discount. The discount code may need to be added after both items are in your cart. There will be additional shipping with this option but only for the first month. You will need your dog’s neck size and to pick your options. You may choose “Makers choice” for stone color and you can let me know if I can change your padding color in the subscription notes. Please only choose one base to pair with each subscription. The deal does not cover more than one base. 

All designs for each month will be the same/similar and will be a new, never sold before design. They will be primarily stone panels but expect some to incorporate glitter etching, printing, paint, or other specialty things. Your theme will be a color or colors and I will incorporate that into my choice of stone and leather colors. All 6 panels will be different and will range from lightly decorated to heavily blinged. The reason for the 6 month span is that the values of all 6 panels will overall even out in value. 

NEW! Subscription panels starting in December will be EXCLUSIVE to subscription members. Some designs may be used for limited offers, but designs will no longer be added to the website each month. 

Upfront Payment

Monthly Payments

Add Your Base

New this time!

You can order multiple bases. I’ll ship one base per month, I’ll choose which base will best match. The Build a Base without a Panel now has a Mystery base and mystery padding color option so I can match it to that months panel.