Daily Dissent Special

The Quick order timeframe and fundraiser for this design has ended but you can still purchase this design. 

Color combo will be as pictured with the option of choosing between black or white metallic paddings. The design is available as Wide or Narrow. Wide will be 2.25in wide and Narrow will be 1.5in wide. Only buckle collars are available for this Quick Order. 

 If you would like to order the Daily Dissent design in a different combination, you may use the regular listings. (Click here for regular Collar set or Here for regular Panel Only

Easy Order Options

A bit about the Squeaky Egg Collar Glitter Etchings

Squeaky Egg Collar’s signature Glitter etching is a durable and attractive way for us to add more dimension to the collars. The Leather is laser etched and filled with a specialty glitter. To keep your glitter panels looking their brightest, you can condition them with leather conditioner. Avoid harsh chemicals or cleaners. Water will not wash away the glitter but dirt in the etchings can dull the effect, this can be quickly fixed with a clean/condition.