Quick Order - Avatar Special Release

Quick Order special! Order on December 23rd through December 25th, 2022 and get this collar set or panel with shorter shipping. 1-2 Week Turnaround. 

Color combos will be as shown with two color themes based on the different clans in the movie. The Wide version and Narrow with Border uses the same color base as panel. The Narrow with the slim border uses a black base. The collar sets will allow a choice of padding color and they all will allow a choice in hardware. Stones used will be our exclusive Aquamarine Frost. Only the Wide panels have stones on the panel itself.

The design is available as Wide or Narrow and panel only can be ordered. Wide will be 2in wide with a slim border and Narrow will be either 1.75in wide with a stone/stud border or 1.25in wide with a slim border. Design may vary based on neck size. Only buckle collars are available for this Quick Order. 

 Design is limited to this Easy Order and cannot be modified, however, you can order a regular base of your choice and a panel only to customize the set further. Made to order bases are not done with the quick orders and the panels will be made and held. Current turn-around for MTO bases is 4-6 weeks. 

Easy Order Options