FAQ Will be added to over time.

Updates: All collar updates are posted to our Facebook GROUP page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1358879174270251/

Turn-Around Times: All current collar orders have an estimated 12-14 week turn-around. We are working hard to reduce this timing, but will not be changed the estimate until we are consistent.

Open vs Closed for orders: At this time we are closed to orders but will be reopening on a test basis to allow orders. We we close orders once we reach a certain number of orders and do not guarantee there will be warning.

Quick Definition List:

Base: The bottom of the collar, this is the actual collar and has holes to fit a templated panel size. Bases can have borders and can be buckle, martingale, french Martingale leash etc.

Panel: This is the main decoration. Panels have template size and can fit a variety of bases as long as the panel sizes match. Panels come in “S” for narrow or “P” for wide.

Interchangeable Panels: All Squeaky Egg Collars, unless specifically noted, are double layer collars with the top layer being removable. To remove, unscrew the rivets which are unglued Chicago Screws, and replace the panel. Then reattach the screws. Wide panels have 3-6 screws and Narrow panels have 2-3. Most screws use a Phillips head style.

Collar set: This is the combination of a base and a panel. Both are required to have a usable and decorative collar. Ordering a collar set gets you both.

Padded base: Padding is sewn directly on the the leather bases. Padding is a high quality, thicker Leather with a soft smooth finish. They are durable but some styles, like the Metallic, may show wear with intense use. When ordering a padded collar you do not need to adjust the measurement given. I will add additional length to the base to make up for it. There are currently 23 padding color options. Some bases will be hand sewn but most will be machine stitched. Stitching will be hidden under the panel.

Colored leather, painted leather, or stained leather: The majority of panels and almost all bases will use a colored Leather. This Leather is ordered prefinished by sheets. It’s durable and hardy. Painted leather is only done on the panels, this is a paint applied to the leather and sealed. It is the least durable of the coatings but can give some beautiful variety. Stained Leather is in between the two other options. The leather is stained by hand with a well tested colorant. The leather is not finished as intensely as the colored leather, but will not crack or wear off. Stain colors are limited but make for some bold statements. Please expect that stained panels may have minor inconsistencies due to the hand stained method and variation in leathers.

Made to Order: this is a collar set or panel based off an existing design. Can be customized with different hardware, different colored stones or different paints, stain, or leathers. Can be order off the website(eventually) or ordered during certain times. A “Made to Order Spot” means you can order any existing, non limited offer, design.

Limited Release Collars: These designs are limited offers, either a specific time frame or a limited number of designs. These may come back during specific times and they may be retired, never to come back.

Custom Design: this is a collar created from scratch based on a specific idea or theme. I do not do wait lists so these will only be available during certain times with limitations.

Mystery Collar Boxes: These boxes are released with limited quantities and specific limitations. Can have a theme, colors, or other requests. Are typically finished collar sets and additional panels. Themes are not limited. If you want something custom but are not particular about getting a design proof or setting the design up a certain way. This is a great way to get a custom theme.