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Bases and Panels - A Quick Explanation

A Squeaky Egg collar is one panel and one base attached together via screw rivets. Panels and Bases are interchangeable as long as they have the same panel size. You can order a collar set and additional panels at once by following the instructions. For more information visit the FAQ page.

The Widths Explained

Due to the restrictions of panel sizes, width are determined base of them. A Wide panel itself is 1.75in and will sit be default on a 2in wide base. If you are borders or paddings, the base will get wider to accommodate the panel. A narrow panel is 1in and the default base is 1.2in wide. Both options will reduce at the buckle/loop. 

Wide Bases:
Regular Base: 2in reduced to 1in buckle/loop
Base with a border: 2.25in reduced to 1in buckle/loop
Base with padding: 2.25in reduced to 1in buckle/loop
Base with border and padding: 2.5in reduced to 1in buckle/loop

Narrow Bases:
Regular Base: 1.25in reduced to .75in buckle/loop
Base with a border: 1.5in reduced to .75in buckle/loop
Base with padding: 1.5in reduced to .75in buckle/loop
Base with border and padding: 1.75in reduced to .75in buckle/loop

Paddings may fluctuate width a bit more due to the handmade aspect. 

Wide bases can also be reduced to .75in buckles/loops and for some items like french martingales, will automatically reduce to .75in.

Borders and Paddings

Borders and Padding are optional additions to the bases. Each add .25in to the total width of the base. For example, a wide base with a border and a padding will be 2.5in wide. A wide base without either is 2in wide. A Narrow base with both add-ons will be 1.75in. A narrow panel without either will be 1.25in.

Wide Bases default reduce to 1in (buckle or martingale loop) and Narrow Bases reduce to .75in (buckle or martingale loop). All Leash combinations reduce to .75in.

Stone and Stud Designs

Glitter Etched Designs

Glitter Etched with Stones Designs

Designs Available in Wide Width Panels

Designs Available in Narrow Width Panels

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